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Poker players say they've been dealt a raw deal by casino

The reason he knows his interpretation of the sign isn’t being followed is because of another sign placed just outside of the room informing players the poker room is closing and what the casino plans to do with the jackpot money. “Outside of the room there is a description of ‘hey, we’re closing, here’s what we’re going to do, here’s what’s going to happen with the jackpots, and here’s where the rest of the money is going to go,’ which is where this whole thing came about because people read that and said, ‘hey, that seems kind of unethical,'” Newman said. The sign outside the poker room was placed there a month in advance of the poker room closing. It’s there that the casino told the players what will happen with their money: it stopped collecting money for the jackpot on July 25. Between July 25 and Aug. 2, the jackpot payouts increased by “approximately double.” Any funds left after the closing of the room were distributed to another game at the casino. The poker players say this means potentially thousands of dollars of their money will now be used by the casino to promote another game. “I want them to understand the way that we see it — and not in a belligerent way — but help them understand that hey this promise that you made in writing on the wall for this jackpot is very specific and you are doing something that is counter to that promise. On a business level, they’re going to alienate hundreds of people – many of whom will never come back specifically because of this.

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